Success Stories

Megi and Klajdi invite the youth community to get involved in the integration processes

During the meeting organized by the Association for Local Autonomy in the Municipality of Burrel, in the framework of the implementation of the WISE project on the information campaign of the youth community on the important role that education plays in the integration process of the country towards the European Union, two of the young people involved in this project through a video message delivered awareness messages to their peers.

Megi and Klajdi, two young people engaged in the community life of the Burrel municipality, praised the outreach activity, pointing out that it is more than valuable it serves young people with the latest information from the EU.

Megi: Hi I'm Megi. 

Kjadi: I'm Klajdi.

Megi: We were present at the event that took place in Burrel on April 20th. The meeting was organized by the Association for Local Autonomy and discussed the integration of young people into the EU.

Klajdi: At this meeting they were briefed on the history of the institutions and the challenges that the union has on integration. The aim of this project was to inform the community about the important role that EU integration plays and such a component manages to involve young people in Southeast Europe in the integration processes, giving us more opportunity to be active in community processes.

Megi: This activity was valuable enough for all young people. We hope that such activities develop as more young people get information on the latest from the EU.

The Association for Local Autonomy continues to spread the message in every municipality to encourage the community to be informed about the European Union's recommendations and to encourage their involvement in the process.