Success Stories

Local autonomy means more freedom for the community

Korça is known for its tradition of great art and love for conveying the positive messages of a smiling, sensitive, and above all, directly engaged community. It is enough to hear Korça serenades to understand the passion for romance and beauty.

The local government in this city is committed to keeping this tradition alive by giving constant support to the development of art and culture. Not far from yesterday in the city of Korça has launched the competition of new talent "Rin Show". The competition is organized by the Korça Municipality Cultural Directorate for all those talented, optimistic and social life young people.

Such projects not only instantly promote an escape from inactivity and daily routine but at the same time give new impulses to community life and local freedom. In addition to being an important cultural and promotional aspect of school and youth life, they are a great opportunity and a great way to discover new talent in the field of music and art in schools across the country. 

Local autonomy is increasingly associated with the strengthening of its community positions, where through various projects and activities, community initiatives have built their authenticity without having to be its focal point.

The revitalization of active community life also significantly limits the choice of citizens to migrate to large urban areas and / or abroad. An increasingly active community is engaging young people even more by giving them the opportunity and space to see their contribution to local life as a motive that drives them closer to making a decision on their future.